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SEOClerks Affiliate Program

I have recently became a seller on SEOClerks. This is not just one more micro job website (and there are a lot of these Fiverr clones – I will soon write an article about that), it is a really great place to satisfy ALL your SEO needs.

I mean, they have seventeen (10) different categories to choose from and another sixteen (54) subcategories! You need facebook likes? Maybe Tweeter followers? A bunch of backliks to your website or blog? Not a problem this and much more is offered by numerous sellers.

OK, I think you get the point, what I’m talking about. But what if you don’t need other peoples services? What if you would just like to earn some extra money?

This is where the SEOClerks Affiliate Program comes in.

It is actually a great thing. All you need to do is to register an account and you are good to go! It is really that simple.

When you have registered and confirmed your e-mail address, you will find an affiliate section in the “Seller” part of the website. There you can find your SEOClerks Affiliate Program link and lots of other stuff that help you promote you affiliate account an of course your gigs, if you have any.

You can put a banner like this on your website or blog:

SEOClerks Affiliate Program
SEOClerks Affiliate Program

You can find banners of eight different sizes, so there is one for everybody.

How it works?

Whenever someone registers on SEOClerks over your affiliate link, that person is on your affiliate list. For the rest of your life! This means, that every time, that one of your affiliates purchases something, you get 10% of the earnings. For example; if one of your affiliates buys something, that is worth $10, you will get $1. And the best thing is, that you have to do absolutely nothing!

Promotion and conversions

 How to get affiliates you might ask?

Well, the best thing would probably be to post a link on relevant blogs and specially forums. Webmaster forums obviously work best, as there is the highest demand for such services. Try putting your affiliate link in your forum signature.

Sure it doesn’t hurt to publish it on your Facebook wall or tweet it once in a while. You can see in your SEOClerks dash board the number of click on your link and as well all the affiliates at any time.

Also, check out the SEOClerks Coupons!


  1. Lewis N. Clark
    Lewis N. Clark December 23, 2014

    I have recently became a seller on SEOClerks. This is not just one more micro job website (and there are a lot of these Fiverr clones seoclerk

  2. Khorshed Alam
    Khorshed Alam December 23, 2014

    Hi Admin,
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