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Month: September 2012

Where can I find SEOClerks coupons?

This is a million dollar question. Well, more a $5 question if we are strict. To tell you the truth, it is not easy to get your hands on free SEOclerks coupons. If they do publish them, it usually means only a coupon or two and of course they are gone in a second. Literally. Maybe it is better to try and win a coupon on different contests, as certain webmaster forums are organizing them. It usually work like this: Forum admins receive one or more seoclerks coupons to give them to their registered users. They organize a contest, usually a posting contest. The person with the most quality posts in a certain time period gets a free coupon. The best thing about this is, that the value of these coupons can get up to $50! So it is worth trying. Even if you don’t succeed, you still can make…

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