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Month: August 2012

Self defense weapons

There are many different ways of self defending when a person is involved in a dangerous situation. Self defense classes are definitely a good idea especially if we live or work in a dangerous neighborhood or if we are otherwise forced to cross such a neighborhood at night. But although these classes are very useful and can help in every life threatening situation, the first thing to do is to buy an efficient self defense weapon. Considering your needs you can choose from a number of very different self defense weapons.  Here are five most used and efficient self defense weapons you can use in a dangerous situation. Taser To begin with, two important warnings have to be mentioned. Firstly, not all countries in the world consider taser as legal. It is important to inform yourself about legality of this self defense weaponbefore visiting a foreign country. Secondly, one has…

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5 reasons to use reusable water bottles

The marketers are trying to convince us that bottled water is healthy, fresh and that it comes from the springs of the highest mountain tops. Many still believe that the plastic bottles that we throw away are recycled and that no harm is being done to the environment in the process of making plastic bottles. That could not be further from the truth. So here are five reasons why everyone should start using reusable water bottles. Bottle material The difference between the regular plastic water bottles and the reusable ones is that the reusable water bottles don’t contain BPA. What is BPA? It stands for bisphenol A and it is an industrial chemical that is used primarily to make plastic products such as regular plastic water bottles. It is colorless and is soluble in organic solvents, but not in water. Reusable water bottles are made of BPA-free material. Consequently, they…

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